ANSNOLO is a neck supporter for sleep with an anti-snoring function, that can help users avoid embarrassing moment sleeping in long traveling trips.


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ANSNOLO is designed for users especially ladies who are embarrassed by their own snoring habits during long travel trips.

Sometimes sleeping on long travel trips might be an issue when you are aware of your snoring problem.


By supporting the lower jaw during sleep time keeps the airway open and unrestricted, elevating vibrations, Anti- snoring.

When sleeping the soft tissue at the back of the throat collapse, partially blocking the passageway. Air passing through the restricted airway causes vibration (snoring).


The inspiration of the form is from the shape of the butterfly, as well it is a symbol of elegance and also the power to choose the path of oneself destiny.  Black marbles are chosen as the products’ color pattern, which gives a sense of chic and luxurious feeling yet simple and nature-like.  

Ansnolo is made out of ABS Resin, which gives stiff but light support for the neck and chin area. 3D print un- limits the product form, which helps to make an ergonomically fitting product.

Material & 3D Print