Minimalist lifestyle

Exhibition Design

Collaborate with:

Li Siying Alice

Li JingminCarol

Wong Man Kei Maggie



Concept of 断捨離 (だんしゃり)



// It promote the action of Make well organisation on our things and our life


// Focus on making room for more

(e.g. time, passion, experiences, growth, contribution, contentment, freedom.)


// Clearing the clutter from life’s path

Location: Western District Public Cargo Working Area



Promote the Minimalist Lifestyle

Educate visitor to put down superfluous persistence and let it go.

Leveling of Minimalist Lifestyle:


In order let the visitors have a clear mind of

the concept, we produce the leveling of the

lifestyle by combining all the information we


< Spiritual​

< Mental

< Physical

< Physical

Learn to give up to gain

Make choices 

Tidy up space

Messy Space

Design concept:

Walk through the exhibition in single path, each theme and stages is exhibit with different volume of space, therefore it with give the audience different spatial experience.  

The exterior is design and separated in to 3 basic layers, from solid to translucent to transparent, the audience will experience from mood of being pressured to relief. 

Stage 1: Introduction of Concept

What is Minimalist Lifestyle

Work Danshari

Stage 2: The Phenomenon

Over consumption in Hong Kong

Excessive hoarding

Videos and figures

Transition to Stage 3,4

Get audience the feeling of cleanse and home 

Stage 3: Organising

Physical Display: Clothes

To interact and learn organising tips

Physical Display:  Virtual book

Video of folding method based on

Maire Kondo method

Stage 4: Lifestyle

Conventional Area:

For companies and invited speakers

Show Rooms of famous minimalist:

Bed room of Joshua Fields Millburn

Lounge area of Jenny Mustard

Room of Steve Jobs

Interactive station:

Quiz: How minimalist are you?

Game : DIY you minimal home

Stage 5 Stage of gaining


Feedback walls

Stage 5 Stage of Gaining

Floor Plan and Walking Path