Minimalist lifestyle

Exhibition Design

Location: Hong Kong Western District Public Cargo Working Area

Jennifer Yeung

Li Siying Alice

Li JingminCarol

Wong Man Kei Maggie

According to the Journal of Consumer Research materialism is a consistent contributor to loneliness. This exhibition is inspired by a concept from Hideko Yamashita,  Danshari (断捨離) (だんしゃり), which is to cut, to abandon, to leave the Materialistic mindset.

Location: Western District Public Cargo Working Area


Levels of achieving a minimalist Lifestyle:

< Spiritual​

< Mental

< Physical

< Physical

Let go to gain more

Make choices 

Tidy up 

Learn to realize 

Design concept:

Walkthrough of the exhibition is a single path designed root, three levels of the opacity of building materials are used in different themes and stages, to give the audience unique spatial experiences.  

Stage 1: Introduction of Concept

Introduce the concept of Minimalist Lifestyle

Stage 2: The Phenomenon

Over consumption in Hong Kong

Excessive hoarding

Videos and figures

Transition to Stage 3,4

Enter Home Setting

Stage 3: Organising

Physical Display: Clothes

To interact and learn organising tips

Physical Display:  Virtual book

Video of folding method based on

Maire Kondo method

Stage 4: Lifestyle

Conventional Area:

For companies and invited speakers

Show Rooms of minimalist:

Bedroom of Joshua Fields Millburn

The lounge area of Jenny Mustard

Room of Steve Jobs

Interactive station:

Quiz: How minimalist are you?

Game : DIY you minimal home

Stage 5 Stage of gaining


Feedback walls

Stage 5 Stage of Gaining

Floor Plan and Walking Path