Roll to Toast


Designed By:

Jennifer, Daino & Karen

What is Rollto?

Rollto adapts the concept of beef cooking to toast only the surface of the bread, keeping the moisture inside creating a soft texture for seniors with dental problems, and could still have the right to enjoy toast.

How does Rollto work?

Heat up bread to 500 degrees to 750 degrees instantly(within 5 to 10 sec) to create crunchiness and lock the moisture in the inner layer, with Constant heat. 

Target Group

Seniors with functional limitations

Seniors with denture matters frequently complained about the hardness of the toasted bread, despite their favoring towards crunchy meals. Thus, the team decided to produce a product with the illusion of creating a crunchy surface but a soft inside. The team’s decision had a direct link between the product and the target group’s issue, making it specifically designed for seniors with dental problems. Besides dental issues, the team aimed to resolve seniors’ struggle with muscle strength, hearing, and sight problems. 

Design Objectives


Only two buttons with clear purposes make it easy for users to distinguish the settings and spend the least effort to receive their desired level of toasting. There are no complex steps and overdo of buttons.


Rolto considers the users’ wishes of using pastry with different thickness and put forward different settings for their convenience. With only one button, they can choose the heat desired according to the thickness of the pastry of their choice (the highest setting for thick bread, the lowest setting for thin slices).


Rolto consists of an extra tray on the bottom for easy cleaning purposes. After the cooling process of the rollers, the tray automatically allows the user to pull it open and empty out the contents, preventing crumbs and leftover pastry from sticking on the parts and harming the device. 

Users could choose to toast their bread in two levels of temperature 500 and 800 degrees.

Rubber layer prevent gliding.

Carefully designed rack with a hidden hinge, provide convenience, and prevent any unnecessary accidents.

Rack Design

Easy cleaning of bread crumbs,
simply slide out and clean with
dish soap.

Silicon Coated Tray

Polypropylene Cover


Rubber Coated Spring

Metal Plate

Touch Screen & light up Buttons


Stainless steel panel


Anodized Aluminium Roller

Heat prove silicon coated hard plastic tray

To hold back the top rod in place when Rollto is discharged,
and repeal when power on.


Heat prove plastic rack