Before swimmers pass through changing room to get to the pool, they are required to pass through the Rinsing Shower system

However, In two Hong Kong studies, 2 in 5 adults have perhaps admitted they don’t shower before getting into the pool.

(Bio Med central HK, HKU)

Hygiene is a universal matter

Purpose of TORNADO

Organic Compounds 

 Chlorine reacts with the organics to create gases whose family are called Trihalomethanes.


It is a colourless odourless heavy toxic gases.

The risk of asthma is especially increased among competitive swimmers, of which 36% to 79%.

Kill Fecal Matter


especially people who have recently suffered from diarrhea contains chlorine resistant cysts of cryptosporidium.


Bugs can live up to 20 days with normal chlorine level.



Help swimmers adapt the water temperature

The Effect of UV light and water flow

Ergonomic Rock like rubber Handle